Innovation Culture


How corporate culture is captured and shaped in a structured way faces the challenge that it is often not very tangible and does not appear on any balance sheet. This makes it difficult to set goals, determine who is responsible, and budget. There is a lack of approaches with which innovation culture can be concretely shaped. Within the workshop you will explore the potential of innovation culture. Based on best practices, you will learn about concrete success factors and which methods and tools help to create a sustainable culture of innovation in your own company. In this way, you can counteract the pressure to sustainably differentiate yourself through innovation and learn how to fully develop the potential of your employees, your team or your colleagues.

Key Takeaways

Ambidexterity for new business model development

Transparency in the cooperation process

Innovation potential through open innovation

Management of challenges through intermediaries

Ingenuity through the right cooperation model

New impulses through concrete guidelines

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