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Hardly any other topic is discussed as intensively as globalization, because never before in history has worldwide networking been greater than it is today. The megatrend refers to the convergence of different areas such as politics, economy, culture, environment and communication and stands for the interconnectedness of the world’s population. This conditions the worldwide flow of talents, ideas, goods and services.

Technical progress as well as product and process innovations, but also communication and transport technologies, are considered to be major causes of globalization. But population growth is also one of the most important drivers of human progress. In addition to benefits, such as growing global cooperation, globalization also brings challenges, such as national power struggles, war and displacement, or pandemics. Nevertheless, UPSTART sees the cross-border feeling of togetherness as an opportunity, which has never been as strong as it is today. We show our customers how they can use the trend reversal of politics and business for their company and what role openness and diversity play in this.

What aspects and subtrends does the megatrend of globalization encompass?

Population growth

Global generation

Global migration


Multipolar World Order



Social Business

Direct Trade

Global Citys

Global protest culture

Modern Nomadism



Remote Work

Space Age

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