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User Experience

Thinking from the customer perspective

Whether and how long customers stay with an application or whether they leave right away depends on the user experience. The user experience (UX) not only affects the immediate use of a medium, but also brand perception and whether users recommend an application to others. This can lead to increased sales and profits for companies.

At UPSTART, we know how to make the UX measurable, both through user self-reporting and user behavior. We believe that the first step to UX optimization should always be a snapshot. Because the user experience is less subjective than many believe.

As a company that has been involved in the development as well as deployment of technology for years, UPSTART supports customers with product and service designs that meet both end-user and customer needs. We want to inspire our technology experts and design lovers alike to create unique product and service design solutions.

Regular feedback loops with end users throughout the development phase help us test and validate our design recommendations. Our collaboration with external design and marketing experts is also beneficial to make the user experience a true experience.

Do you know what all counts as user experience?

Have you ever measured the user experience?

Are you aware of what users like and dislike about your application?

Do you know the key metrics of web analytics?

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