Design Thinking

Generate new ideas with the customer in focus

Since the invention of design thinking in the 1980s, there has been no entrepreneurial way around it. Their success proves this method right, because only those who know and understand their customers can develop products that correspond precisely to customer benefits. Six steps are followed, with the customer at the center.

Time and again, we see companies developing products and services that bypass the customer and then wondering why the desired success fails to materialize. Often, these products lack important attributes that are essential for satisfying customer value. In the end, both the customer and the company are dissatisfied.

Together with our customers, we put ourselves in their shoes and identify corresponding problems and needs. In a second step, ideas are developed from the findings, which in turn flow into the creation of new products. These are tested and then developed further. In this way, we ensure that innovative products are created that are attractive, feasible and marketable.

UPSTART helps companies innovate more while putting the customer at the center to decimate the failure rate. In doing so, we keep the process as lean and cost-effective as possible. Because a good process doesn’t have to be complex, and the best solutions are sometimes obvious.

Do I need Design Thinking for my company?

How do I successfully implement Design Thinking?

Which of your customers’ needs do you not currently know?

To what extent does the current product range satisfy the needs of your customers?

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