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A successful company always keeps a close eye on its environment in order to quickly perceive and react to changes and opportunities. Scouting is one of the most important activities in environment scanning and refers to the process of observing changes and developments. This includes collecting relevant data, contextualizing changes to perceive discernible patterns.

In our daily work, we see time and again that companies do not master all three pillars of scouting. Some focus only on technologies and trends, but neglect the startups that are emerging around them. These are essential in order to benefit from their wealth of experience or to be able to bring them on board as cooperation partners.

At UPSTART, we evaluate suitable startups together with our clients and plan the next steps. Through our years of experience in the startup environment, we are able to perceive new changes and developments at an early stage and evaluate them.

Startup scouting with UPSTART helps to identify the most relevant startups for the company and to monitor their development. With this knowledge, our customers can, for example, assess which innovations startups are currently developing and offering. We provide support along the entire scouting process.

Did you know that startup scouting counts as environment scanning?

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