Design Sprint

Test and improve ideas

Although there are many ways to validate ideas and assumptions today, the design sprint has become the most successful method in the innovation industry. More and more companies are already using this approach to continuously develop themselves and their ideas. Because only in this way these ideas can also achieve the desired success.

Many of our customers are often overwhelmed at the beginning with the 5-phase process and the important roles in the team. On a regular basis, we see that the team size for the design sprint is too large and efficiency is jeopardized as a result. This creates unnecessary frustration at the team level.

At UPSTART, we know from our years of experience how to help organizations implement a Design Sprint. Together, we design the process and go through all phases to put each idea through its paces.

Our focus is always on the customer, whose needs must be satisfied by the product in order to build a sustainable customer relationship. After the idea has been validated during the design sprint, our team of experts supports our customers in successfully implementing it in the company.

How are assumptions and ideas currently validated and can success be planned as a result?

Do you know all the necessary roles for a valid design sprint?

What challenges do you currently see in your validation work?

Do you know how to create a perfect symbiosis with Design Thinking and the Design Sprint?

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