Innovation Methods

The right methods for more ideas

With the term “innovation” being misused again and again as a buzzword, the innovation methods also increased. Today there are so many that it is difficult to choose the right one. Classics are the Design Thinking approach, the Business Model Canvas or the Lean Startup method. Each approach has a different focus.

Although these methods are among the most popular, this does not mean that all three are the right way for every company. In practice, however, we see time and again that our customers find it very difficult to choose the method that is right for them because of the large selection. Therefore, the UPSTART approach first provides for a needs analysis, which is then used to determine the most suitable innovation method. Our work is finished when it has been successfully implemented in our customers’ companies.

Together, we thus ensure that our customers’ innovative strength increases, equipping them for a successful future. The methods are used to generate, validate and successfully implement new ideas. In this way, we help our customers to rethink and shape their future.

How creative do you think your company is at the moment and where do you see a need to catch up?

Do you already use innovation methods and how successful are they?

Do you think you’re already maximizing your company’s idea potential?

Do you know how to successfully combine multiple Innovation methods?

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