Innovation Program Development

Between workshops, accelerators and hackathons

Innovation and the generation of innovation have taken on more and more faces in recent years. Not every approach is suitable for every company, as there are a number of factors to consider when selecting one that determine success or failure. That is why Program Development is more important than ever, because it is here that the right course is set.

Time and time again, we see companies (get) inadequate advice and establish an inappropriate innovation program in their company. Then the hoped-for success often fails to materialize and the topic of innovation is no longer pushed forward sufficiently. The best solutions for companies are usually simple and quick to implement.

At UPSTART, we have developed programs for many institutions, companies and organizations, while our clients have been able to continue with their daily business. Our developed programs include strategy workshops, accelerators and incubators, startup collaboration programs, idea workshops and hackathons.

Our program development process is always holistic. We consider all stages, from needs analysis to successful implementation and maintenance. In doing so, we never lose sight of the goal. Our work does not end until our customers are fully satisfied. Together we generate innovation and create a new future.

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