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System Engineering

Dealing with large and complex projects

The constant evolution of technologies makes it impossible for companies to rest. Innovations must be immediately incorporated into the company’s own products in order to remain competitive in the market. As a result, systems engineering processes have changed significantly in recent years. Technical systems required in large projects, most of which are complex, require an interdisciplinary approach to development and implementation.

This is where our experience in systems engineering comes into play, which analyzes problems, derives functionalities from them, breaks a system down into its components, and drives the implementation and validation of the project at all levels.

In our many years of expertise in the market, we have seen time and again that as companies grow, the scope of new projects continues to increase. Projects with a high level of complexity require the right systems. Without good system engineering, the implementation of such a major project will only cost the company more money and time than necessary in the best case, and the success of the entire project in the worst case.

We know how to best help growing companies succeed in exactly these large-scale projects, and we bring a toolkit that has been optimized over the years. We look at the project as a whole and accompany it from the planning phase to the successful completion of the implementation. We leverage our cross-industry expertise and provide the right team of experts. UPSTART always pays special attention to the customer’s perspective.

Do you know what matters most in systems engineering?

Do you think that the current system engineering process could be optimized?

Is your team sometimes overwhelmed by the complexity and scope of projects?

Have there been projects in the past that have cost your company more time and money than necessary?

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