New insights through a test version

When companies have finally generated solid ideas, they often lack the time and money to test them. But this is exactly what is essential for a fast and resource-saving implementation. The solution is a prototype that breathes life into an idea for the first time.

Generally, this represents a raw version of the product or service being sought. Prototyping is the procedure or process of testing out this low-effort, low-cost version. Prototypes are then increasingly refined in the development process. This method is used with the goal of visualizing ideas, exploring aspects of a solution, or testing a preliminary result.

At UPSTART, we know the benefits of prototyping and how companies get the right insights from it. Through prototyping and deployment, it quickly becomes clear whether further improvements are needed. Then responsible persons can quickly intervene and correct problems. The investment is worthwhile, because early detection can save companies a lot of money.

We support our customers throughout the entire process, from prototype planning and deployment to evaluation and further development. In general, prototypes may differ from the actual final production due to the materials used, the process of creation, as well as the accuracy of implementation. We also check whether a special form of prototyping, throwaway prototyping or rapid prototyping, makes sense for the case in question.

Does your company already have prototypes in the pipeline?

What is the goal of the prototyping process?

Do you know the differences of the special forms?

How does your company evaluate the results of prototyping?

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