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Whereas economic risks used to be considered the greatest risk factor, today it is ecological risks surrounding the climate crisis. The security megatrend describes a development that runs counter to general perceptions. On the one hand, mankind lives in the safest time ever, on the other hand, feelings of insecurity are perceived more intensely. This brings the topic of resilience into sharper focus.

For our customers, the megatrend calls for ensuring data and IT security. For human resources, the challenge arises of responding to both the need for flexibility and the heightened safety awareness of employees. The issues of security and risk have become complex and dynamic. We help companies renegotiate and build their status quo. In doing so, we question the entire understanding of security and develop strategies for dealing with risks and uncertainty.

What aspects and sub-trends does the safety megatrend encompass?

Autonomous driving


Crypto Currencies

Digital Health

Digital Reputation


Internet of Things



Smart City

Touchless Tech

Trust Technology

Big Data

Business Ecosystem


Digital Literacy


Basic income

Predictive Analytics



Super Safe Society


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