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Cities are being shaped by their growth as the most important living spaces of the future. In addition to the adaptation of urban lifestyles, it also involves the spread of behavioral patterns such as consumption patterns, household structures, occupational differentiation, values of urban dwellers and the resulting spatial structures.

Despite the many challenges such as greater traffic density, social isolation and air pollution, we at UPSTART see urbanization as a great opportunity. As hyper-complex, dynamic systems, cities are a creative center of pluralistic society, hubs of the globalized economy, and increasingly powerful, political actors. This is where relevant questions regarding climate change, justice or mobility come to a head.

At the same time, these areas of tension create enormous potential for development. People, individuals and companies want to help shape the change and growth of their own economy as well as their own country. In cities, they strive for self-fulfillment but also for creativity and the opportunity to gain creative freedom. For our customers, we make this development potential visible and exploit it so that companies can benefit from urbanization in the future.

What aspects and subtrends does the urbanization megatrend encompass?

15 minute city


Global City


Progressive province

Third Places

Urban Manufacturing


Condensed Spaces

Healing Architecture

Micro Housing

Responsive City

Urban Farming

Vertical Villages

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