Continuous development through customer feedback

In order not to be displaced by the constantly changing market or simply miss the interest of the users, companies must constantly produce and evaluate new ideas. An easy way to get customer feedback on a new idea as quickly as possible is the MVP. MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product.

In our daily work, we notice again and again how important it is to involve the customer as early as possible. This is because the latter has essential information that the company usually does not possess but urgently needs. Too often we see clients who develop their new product completely past the needs of the customer. With an MVP, that is exactly what is ruled out.

At the beginning, a product is developed that is basically marketable, but as rudimentary as possible. The final product that ultimately satisfies the customer is approximated through iterative customer feedback loops. By not defining the output of this method at the beginning, an MVP is the ideal strategy in the presence of uncertainty.

UPSTART has been very customer-focused for years, which is why we count the MVP approach among our favorite methods. Our experience in MVP construction and further development enables us to provide our customers with individual advice. Regardless of whether the first MVP is to be outlined or customer feedback is to be analyzed, we are on hand with a selected team of experts.

What needs to be tested before the MVP?

Do you know the difference between MVP and prototype?

Which functionalities should not be missing from your MVP?

How do you measure customer feedback?

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