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Proving the potential of an idea

As markets change, so do new ideas. But not every business idea has the potential to be pursued and implemented for longer. This must be verified before implementation. This is where validation comes in – confirming an idea’s potential for success.

In our daily work at UPSTART, we see again and again how important validation is. Especially for ideas with a high start-up capital, this can be decisive in convincing investors. Accordingly, a clean draft should not be underestimated.

At UPSTART, we know the work involved in conscientious validation and where the most common errors await. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to ask the right questions and conduct our own market research. This is how we help our customers to focus on the right ideas.

We examine business ideas from all sides and additionally work with experienced experts from all changing industries, marketing and market research. This makes it easy for us to recognize the rough diamonds among the ideas and help them achieve the perfect polish.

Have you already performed a validation?

Is your validation meaningful enough to convince investors?

Have you been paying attention to industries and market trends?

Is your own validation realistic?

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