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Value Proposition

The promise to the customer

Not least due to online trade and globalization, the range of products and services has continued to grow in recent years. This makes it all the more difficult for companies to stand out from the crowd with their own offerings. This is where the value proposition comes into play. What is meant here is the benefit or value that is promised to the clientele when they make use of the offer.

Again and again we see that companies do not understand their target groups and their reasons for buying. But only with this knowledge can the right customer approach succeed – by promoting the value proposition through product design, packaging as well as marketing.

At UPSTART, we can help our customers succeed with the right value proposition. Together, we analyze the relevant product or service from the perspective of the target group. Our years of experience in building startups and advising companies of all sizes have provided us with cross-industry and wide-ranging expertise.

We define the differences to competitors and take a close look at the existing positioning. With all this information, we then build a strong value proposition that sets our customers apart from the market – for satisfied customers and a sustainable future.

Does your company already have a value proposition?

What are the different types of value proposition?

What else can be used to express the value proposition?

Why do competitors need to be considered?

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