The process of developing new ideas

Many companies are under pressure to produce new ideas. This pressure arises from the development that innovative competitors and startups are taking market share away from large players or pushing them out of the market altogether. New ideas mean change and growth. However, ideas and innovations are not a product of chance and are rarely the result of a single stroke of genius.

New ideas can be systematically brought about through an ideation process with the company’s own team or network. Familiar paths of thought are left behind, the existing is questioned and unfamiliar perspectives are obtained by thinking “around the corner”. Laws, established rules and norms are questioned or ignored altogether. Thoughts and impulses that seem unrealistic at first glance are also welcome.

At UPSTART, ideation goes far beyond mere brainstorming. We have numerous techniques to break down existing thought patterns. From the “Six Thinking Hats Method” to classic storyboarding and rapid prototyping – the latter is used to select the best ideas and bring them to life.

Together with our customers we design the ideal ideation process and secure for them many new ideas for the future. In doing so, we focus entirely on the company and determine which techniques are most suitable for it. In this way, we increase innovative strength and leave the competition behind in amazement.

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