Customer Journey

Understanding the customer journey

Understanding the channels through which potential customers consume information and make purchases can make the difference between success and failure. This path can be analyzed and represented by the customer journey. The term originates from marketing and refers to the “journey” of a potential customer through various contact points (touchpoints) with a product, brand or company until a desired target action is taken.

In our daily work we often notice that the timeframe of the customer journey is too short. This can extend over days or even weeks and should be comprehensively thought through. Intended purchases, orders and inquiries, however, account for only a fraction. A good customer journey supports the long-term development of customer relationships via the right channels.

Customer-oriented work has been the focus of UPSTART since its foundation. Through our experience, we know how to use the UX efficiently and effectively. We show our customers how to build their customer journey and how to measure and optimize touchpoints and marketing measures in a customer-oriented way.

For this purpose, we integrate the right tools, such as the Net Promoter Score. An infinite number of display formats are suitable for the visual representation of the customer journey, from simple to complex. The individual situation determines which visualization is used. We provide you with effective suggestions on how to proceed, which will lead you quickly and precisely from your initial situation to your desired scenario.

Have you already planned the customer journey from A to Z?

What are your customers’ planned target actions?

Which online and offline channels are suitable as touchpoints for your company?

Can the customer journey perhaps even be simplified?

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