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As a networking of work, living and leisure, the megatrend of mobility is creating a new world culture that is constantly evolving. Increasingly multifaceted products and services are changing the way we look at the use of transportation.

Especially in times of standstill – for example, due to the effects of the Corona pandemic – the true meaning of mobility, its diversity and alternatives, its perspectives and evaluations, becomes apparent. In the future, climate change, space in cities, resources and new technologies will continue to change the face of mobility. This also includes the removal of the car as a status symbol. Characteristic of this is the increasing importance of bicycles and e-bikes, as well as the integration of private mobility services that relieve the transport system.

As UPSTART, we see mobility as never before at the center of society’s transformation. To meet this megatrend in the future, we are working with our customers to create digital infrastructures on a global scale.

What aspects and sub-trends does the mobility megatrend encompass?

15 minute city

Autonomous driving

Delivery Bots

Global Migration


Resonance Tourism

Seamless Mobility

Slow Travel

24/7 Society



Last Mile Concepts

Modern Nomadism

Road Diet

Shared Mobility

Third Places

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