Cyber Security

Security on the net

Digitalization opens up many new opportunities for companies – but also for criminals. Data theft or process manipulation repeatedly pose new challenges for cyber security. With increasing complexity, digital information flows and decentralized production sites, it is becoming more and more important to design processes securely.

Time and again, we see that our customers do not take cyber security seriously enough. Or they are simply overwhelmed to build a suitable security barrier in the company. In most cases, action is only taken after a data leak or a hacker attack. However, this can cost companies dearly and have a lasting negative impact on supplier and customer relationships.

With many years of experience in the field of cyber security and a constantly updating level of knowledge regarding data protection, UPSTART is the ideal partner for more digital security in companies. We assemble an individual team of experts who make our clients’ companies a safe fortress.

We are reliably at their side from the planning phase to successful implementation. Together, we create an end-to-end solution for hardware, software and all enterprise processes – so our customers can sleep soundly again.

Are your digital apps as well protected as your office at night?

Is your company currently at risk of becoming a victim of a hacker attack or data leak?

Are the safety devices constantly checked and updated?

Is there a person responsible for cyber security in your company?

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