Artificial Intelligence

Thinking even further with artificial intelligence

No other topic is currently the subject of such heated debate as AI. Some consider it an indispensable technology, others a dystopia with an end-time character. It is a fact, that artificial intelligence is already part of our everyday lives. The Siri voice assistant and autonomous cars are just the beginning.

At UPSTART, we are constantly exploring new application areas for AI. Yet the possibilities are endless, just like the benefits of artificial intelligence. AI can detect fraud attempts in the financial sector, provide sales forecasts for retailers, or take over customer service tasks in the form of a bot.

The advantages of artificial intelligence are obvious: reduced workload for employees, more efficient resource allocation, agility and decision optimization. We have noticed that AI have a much lower error rate than humans, who are often manipulated by their own emotions.

However, many of our customers do not know which areas of their business are AI-relevant. Therefore the first step in our process is always the assessment of needs. The goal is to find a customized solution for companies that really helps them and is not just “nice to have”. The best solutions are usually simpler than expected.

Are you already using artificial intelligence in your business?

Do you know the potential of AI and the applications that come with it?

Are there any specific application areas where AI could support you?

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