Innovation Management

Identify new opportunities and replace the old

Internet of Things, digitalization and Industry 4.0. – megatrends that are accompanied by innovations and that are changing entire industries for the long term. These groundbreaking changes are not just about technological innovations. Instead, they lead to the entire product development environment becoming more complex. Companies that want to successfully shape this change must adapt to more agile approaches to project and program management.

Innovation management is a core operational activity that is essentially focused on the characteristics of an innovation and thus combines management aspects. The Austrian national economist Schumpeter (1883-1950) also named the purpose of innovation management as “creative destruction,” i.e., the replacement of an existing thing with something better.

At UPSTART, we’ve been helping customers meet this challenge for years. We have the relevant know-how, personnel and resources – not only to identify old processes and products in companies, but also to replace, develop and eliminate them.

Through us, our customers have shorter processing times, lower risks and higher productivity. These changes also increase customer satisfaction, improve internal and external communication, add new methods and knowledge to the skills spectrum of employees, and optimize processes.

Do you recognize the opportunities of new digital innovations?

Are you following outdated rigid processes instead of agile workflows?

How do you integrate innovations into existing processes?

Do you know what innovations your customers want?

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