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Venture Development

The art of building successful business models

The pace of change in society is fast and unstoppable – and with it, the ever-changing industries and companies. For them, it’s a matter of constantly reinventing themselves while never losing sight of the competition. This is because globalization accelerates this process and gives users a wide range of solutions for their needs.

At UPSTART, we repeatedly see how these needs are not recognized in time, and companies do away with themselves. Only those who are willing to change will survive in the future. Venture development is an ideal method for this, as it enables new business models to be tested and implemented in parallel with the core business. We believe that companies have the necessary foundations to create their own trends.

UPSTART specializes in solving this challenge. With our experience in the development of digital innovations, we are able to build completely new business models and integrate them into fixed structures. Meanwhile, our customers can continue to focus on their core business.

With our pioneering spirit and proven methods, we find the right levers and open up new markets and customer segments for our customers. With our cross-industry know-how and feel for new trends, we identify opportunities in the market before our competitors. Our services cover the entire spectrum of venture building – from consulting to creation and validation to implementation and marketing.

How do you recognize trends and change early?

Who in your company is responsible for identifying them?

Have you already outlined a venture development process?

How do you start integrating a new business model?

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