With the speed of light
towards the future

Together we realize innovation and technology in your business context and take it to a new level. Ready for Take-off?

We want to be the reason for the sustainable success of companies worldwide.

That’s why we support companies in harnessing the leverage of innovation and technology for their growth. We not only cooperate, but act as co-innovators, co-founders and co-creators. Let’s co!

UPSTART sees itself as a holistic end-to-end powerhouse for innovation, technology and development services that helps established companies around the world to grow and make them fit for the future. We develop new ideas and business models for all types of industries, thereby ensuring our customers’ ability to innovate in an increasingly dynamic market environment. We not only advise, but also actively implement with our broad skillset – from the initial vision and idea to the development of the solution and its operation on the market. This is how we transform our customers’ services and products.

We are









We follow new impulses.

We discover new trends.

We develop unconventional solutions.

Focused, we create concrete results from ideas.

We encounter new innovations, ideas and changes.

Together we work at eye level.

We efficiently pursue our goals.

We design innovative ideas.


We are the reason for something new.

We don’t just want, we take responsibility. We believe in breaking familiar habits and developing unconventional patterns for our clients and our projects. Because innovation means progress – which always leads to change.


We are the reason for possibilities.

We not only complement, but merge. In doing so, we provide our customers and our projects with all the necessary resources for the realization of innovations – including methods, knowledge, access and people.


We are the reason for results.

We don’t just advise, we implement. With a symbiosis of strategy consulting, digital agency and classic development unit, we support our customers from the idea to the innovation – and offer all the necessary services for this.