Innovation Operations

Making provisions in good times

Innovation is much more than just a buzzword. It is the driver of progress and the future, and a successful company can only exist and endure through it. It doesn’t have to be the big disruption; incremental innovations can also bring the necessary success.

Through our years of practice, we know that the right time for innovation is usually missed. As long as things are going well, most companies see no need and only come into action when the company is doing badly or the competitor is already in the side mirror. But by then it is already too late.

That’s why we recommend that our customers take precautions in good times and build up a pipeline of ideas. We provide advice on the structures and management of this funnel and together we build a process tailored to the company. This helps our customers to always generate new ideas, validate them and implement them successfully.

We at UPSTART believe in a bright future. A future that we want to shape together with our customers. Whether business model, process, or product – we are the right partner for all innovation issues.

How do you ensure the continuity of your business beyond the next generation?

Do you take precautions when times are good or do you only act when there is no other way?

Do you think your company will still be doing exactly what it is currently doing in 100 years?

Do you know the right time for innovation?

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