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Environmental protection demands innovation – most startups have already recognized this. Accordingly, these are considered social business or can be classified as green economy through sustainable products and services. But to ensure that people and technology are not the problem but the solution for a new economic future, established companies must also become aware of their responsibility in the fight against climate change.

We do not see sustainability as a sacrifice. Rather, we work with our customers to develop sustainable and pragmatic solutions to make intelligent use of resources and enable an alternative, environmentally friendly version of consumption. Technological innovations and creative minds that think unconventionally and radically are essential for this. This brings companies not only new sales potential, but also increasing reputation. We accompany our customers from the initial reduction of resources and emissions to holistic sustainable processes so that they can cope with a green economy in the future.

What aspects and sub-trends does the Neo-Ecology megatrend encompass?


Organic boom



Global generation


Life quality



Sense Economy

Social Business

Zero Waste


Circular Economy

Direct Trade

Economy of the Common Good

Global protest culture

Green Tech



Sharing Economy


Urban Farming

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