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First try out and gather knowledge

Companies that are in tune with the times and fit for the future live on constantly new ideas and concepts. But an idea is first nothing more than a thought and far from a finished product. In order to achieve sustainable success with an idea or a business model, it is important to test as early as possible in cooperation with potential customers.

Again and again we see in our practice that companies make suboptimal decisions when selecting a suitable test procedure. With so many options, it’s hard to keep track. Nevertheless, it is important to find the right method for yourself and then execute it successfully.

AB test or a classic, quantitative survey after all? Together with our customers we define the right approach and implement it successfully. The knowledge thus gained rounds off the company’s offering or serves as an important guide to it.

At UPSTART, we bring years of experience in testing and validation – from small ideas to complex business models. We have in-depth knowledge in this area and the technical know-how to understand and test even basic digital modules. We define the goals of the testing with our customers and guide them through the process step by step. With these insights, resources such as time, energy and money can be saved in the long term.

How does the testing process work?

Which KPIs need to be used for testing?

What are the testing and validation approaches?

How do I know I’m testing with the right approach?

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