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You want new thinking for your business?

With IndustryFounders, we form the intersection between companies and industry-related founders. After all, we believe that both parties can learn a lot from each other. That’s why we want to bring them to the table. Be it to inspire employees to think in new ways, to get to know startups or even to make the next big investment.

Our matching experts always know which founder is the best match for the company and ensure that the cooperation works smoothly and to the fullest satisfaction of both parties. The basis for this is that we deal intensively with both the company and the founders in advance and define the competencies and expectations.


Founders and industry should finally move closer together, because both can benefit from each other.


A matching program that brings the company together with suitable founders.

Large industry and start-up network

Reaching the goal faster together



Personalized matching

Ideas for the future

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