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With UPGLOBAL, we enable every startup to scale globally.

Our motivation: to give startups the opportunity to easily and quickly validate new markets and gain an international foothold. With our plug-and-play solution for public and private sponsors of startups, we can build an accelerator quickly and with minimal resources. These supporters enable founders to become a global scaleup and to contribute to a better future beyond their own borders.

A 10-week scale-up program optimally prepares our startups for market entry and opens up the possibility of global scaling. In doing so, UPGLOBAL provides all necessary resources and appropriate infrastructure, including networking and the execution of innovation activities in dynamic ecosystems around the world.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved: startups take the first step toward internationalization, and organizations can strengthen their own startup ecosystem by enabling startups to expand globally. UPGLOBAL acts as a door opener and service provider for global success. Because the scale-up program is funded by public and private organizations (e.g., governments, institutions, and corporations), there is no cost or equity requirement for the startups.

The program is implemented by local innovators from leading markets around the world. In the process, the UPGLOBAL community around the world is constantly expanding. Initially, the scale-up program will take place in Munich (Europe), Houston (USA), New Delhi (India), Shanghai (China) and Singapore (Southeast Asia).


Global expansion and strengthening of the startup innovation ecosystem.


Supply of necessary resources and suitable infrastructure.

Strengthening of ecosystems

Encourage innovation

Promotion of global exchange

Support startups

Network access

New markets, new insights

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You finally want to take the first step into global expansion and become a member of a large, international network? Or you want to strengthen your own startup ecosystem? We go the way to internationalization together and show you which possibilities are open to you with UPGLOBAL.

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