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Startupsemester is the epitome of a turbo start into a self-determined professional life!

At Startupsemester, we create the opportunity for students to create their own startup within six months. This forms an optimal alternative to conventional internships or stays abroad. During the startup semester, participants gain valuable professional practice, build their own customer base, and interact with a network of investors for their own startup.

Participation in Startupsemester is independent of whether participants already have their own ideas or are simply interested in starting up but do not yet have a concrete idea. We provide individual support in the form of suitable mentoring, appropriate master classes, the necessary software and hardware, and a broad network of investors. In addition, a financial budget of €15,000 is available to each founding team.

An application can be made both as a team and as an individual. Together, we then create the optimal working environment so that everyone feels properly taken care of. In line with the motto “Anyone can start a business,” Startupsemester has no prerequisites as to which academic career the participants should pursue. A startup grows and benefits from different personalities and differentiated know-how.

Due to the nationwide distribution of locations in Germany as well as a location in Singapore, the participants have the opportunity to found their startup in the immediate vicinity or to try out something completely new away from their usual environment.


Founding your own startup within six months during your studies.


We provide the necessary know-how, network and infrastructure.

Your own startup in 6 months

Professional practice & self-fulfillment

Up to 15.000 € budget + remuneration

All necessary resources

Possible as internship or practical semester

Office in Heilbronn

Let’s talk!

Sathees Sabaratnam - UPSTART GmbH

Sathees Sabaratnam

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Carolin Weinreuter - UPSTART GmbH

Carolin Weinreuter

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