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Want your own startup incubator for your business?

With StartupFactory, you can implement your own startup incubator in no time, helping your business to become more innovative and purposeful. We see the collaboration between established companies and startups as a symbiosis that drives innovation and can enrich both sides equally.

At StartupFactory, we help you create the ideal incubator for you and then successfully integrate it into your business. In doing so, we examine existing structures, optimize and expand them. Based on the information gained and a previous needs analysis, we develop an individual incubator. Our many years of experience enable us to assess exactly which factors play a role and which resources are required.


Create new collaboration opportunities for your business and promote knowledge exchange between companies and startups.


Using resources sparingly and with the appropriate know-how, we develop a sustainably successful startup incubator for your company.

Startup incubator design

Development of new business areas

Transfer of knowledge and experience

Initial needs assessment

Implementation skills

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