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You want to significantly reduce the failure rate of your startup right at the beginning? is a personalizable 360-degree platform for startups. Within the scope of an initial assessment, we develop a custom-fit and individual coaching and knowledge offer that covers all startup-relevant topics to push your idea further – no matter if it’s about marketing questions or the next financing round. mediates daily new knowledge from view of experts, founders, Startups and investors and offers the possibility of booking authors of an expert article in the context of a 1:1 coaching directly. In this way, startups can put together an accelerator tailored to their own needs. The Startup Journey is thereby the establishment manual and suggests founder inside suitably the respective establishment phase relevant contents and coaches. In addition, offers a growing number of exclusive advantages with our benefit partners, even after the first booked coaching.


Identify risks early and significantly reduce the failure rate of startups.


Provide timely and professional support with the right knowledge and suitable coaches.

Large content and coaching pool

Automated startup journey

Flexible coachings

Initial assessment and needs analysis

Individual accelerator

Personalized portal

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