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Want to know what AI can change in your business?

With plugAI, we help companies identify the right potential from the use of artificial intelligence for their business. In doing so, we offer various workshop formats that educate on the use and added value of AI and uncover new opportunities.

Regardless of whether you know nothing about AI and its application or have previous experience – plugAI offers formats for every level of knowledge. Our workshops are interactive and designed to give you as much knowledge as possible in a short time.

In addition, our team at plugAI offers individual consulting, tailored directly to your business, if needed. In this way, we are taking a big step towards the future together.


Helping companies with knowledge on AI to create new entrepreneurial opportunities and equip them for the future.


Didactically meaningful and interactive workshop formats that are individually developed to the existing level of knowledge.

Variety of workshops

Individual consulting concepts

New opportunities for companies


Opening up digital business areas

Cost saving

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