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You’re on fire for your business idea and want to finally put it into action, but certain factors are holding you back?

Your savings are depleted and the financial resources from friends and family are not enough to make your vision a reality. Without sales, it will be difficult even with a bank loan. The solution: venture capital from investors. But to convince them, you need a powerful presentation – a professional pitch deck that illustrates your idea and your potential on a few slides.

Potential investors receive hundreds of pitch decks a month. To make yours stand out, we developed Here you will learn everything about how to create a pitch deck, what its scope should be and how it should be structured. The free version alone contains 100 slides that can be tailored to you and your business idea. The Pitch Deck Guide will help you with that. In addition, you can access other paid services, such as reviews.


Generating venture capital from investors through a professional pitch deck.


The creation of a powerful presentation that illustrates idea and potential in a few slides.

Generate venture capital

Convince investors

Over 100 templates

Individually customizable

Pitchdeck Guide


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