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Campuswiese mit verschiedenen Gruppen von Studierenden

Are you a student looking to take your startup to the next level?

Campus Accelerator is our accelerator program for all students who want to push their start-up idea further and who want to take advantage of the help of experts. We believe that together we can move faster and further and have therefore developed an individual program to help university founders to succeed.

Together with experts and successful founders from Germany and all over the world we support you with current questions and problems. We share our knowledge and experience to help you become successful even faster. Because we know that every beginning is difficult and what needs to be taken into account if an idea is to be turned into a sustainable company.


Help founders grow their businesses and move them from the lecture hall to the executive chair.


An accelerator program that is precisely tailored to the requirements of the respective founders.

Reaching the goal faster together

Individual accelerator program

Many years of experience

Deep industry expertise

Large investor network

Venture Capital

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