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By UPSTART means that all our satellites have access to the entire infrastructure and know-how of UPSTART, but operate completely independently and autonomously. It’s the best of both worlds! Regardless of whether you want to scale globally with your company and GERMAN X, get your startup off on the right foot with the help of Startupcoach, or get off to a flying start with Startupsemester while you are still studying – our satellites are there to support you with comprehensive know-how and selected experts.

The mission of GERMAN X is to enable every German company to innovate and grow globally beyond its own borders. We want innovation not only to take place on its own well-trodden paths, but to conquer a borderless world. Because only those who look beyond their own nose will find something new. That’s why we connect companies from Germany with global innovation hubs. No matter where your business moves, our plug-and-play network of hubs and global resources enable companies to successfully launch remotely. An all-round carefree program for more ideas and international success.

Giving every startup access to explicit and tacit knowledge is the mission of startupcoach.de. In this way, we aim to significantly reduce the failure rate of startups – by helping them to succeed with the right knowledge or by identifying risks at an early stage. In our opinion, startups can only become successful if they are supported. This is where we come in with our experts. On our platform, startups can find knowledge and coaches to drive their own ideas forward – whether it’s marketing issues or the next round of financing. In this way, we help founders to get off to a flying start.

The mission of Startupsemester is to give students the opportunity for entrepreneurial activity even during their studies. We believe that entrepreneurship knows no age and want to encourage prospective graduates to pursue other career options early on – including founding a startup. To this end, we offer Startupsemester participants a hands-on startup program that provides them with the right tools, models, and approaches within one semester. The program is structured so that building a startup is possible and occurs within one semester. With the students, we want to change the world of tomorrow together.

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