Almost nowhere in the world is the digital market growing as fast as in Southeast Asia. This is precisely why the region represents one of the most important future markets for entrepreneurial growth.

We developed German X in order to be able to exploit this potential for our customers. Because we believe that the cooperation of different tech ecosystems can open up entirely new horizons for innovation. German X is a cross-company platform with the mission to connect German companies and startups with foreign startups, accelerators, experts, investors, institutions and universities. Our partners include government agencies and numerous technology companies.

Today, we are the leading German outpost for innovation in Southeast Asia. Our mission is to open up the innovation landscape for German companies and hidden champions. We support companies in collaborating with tech startups, initiating and validating their own new business models and investing in tech companies.

Our services:

Expansion of the innovation funnel

Positioning on the target market

Cross-border cooperation

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